Virtual mini-beast hunt

Our nest GSY activity is a Virtual Mini Beast Hunt on Facebook live Saturday 16th May 11am.

The virtual mini beast hunt is available on You tube here.

Ever wondered what mini beasts live in your garden?

Even though we are in lockdown we can still get outside,  so join us live on the Gower Society facebook page.  The video will also be available on the Nature Days you tube channel along with the Spring stroll if you missed it last month.

If you have any questions about mini beast you would like answering then email them to me or post on the Gower Society Youth Facebook page and I will endeavour to answer them live.

Also I know it was disappointing that we did not have our annual May Day fete so I have a treat for you which I will announce on Saturday at the live event.  Or tune into the GSY facebook page and your email for a treat.


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Organiser: Gower Society
Contact name: Dawn Thomas
Telephone: 01792 392919
link to map: go to map
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