With Kirsty William’s announcement today that all students will be going back to school in Wales in September and that school trips will also be encouraged, we are ready to take bookings!

Nature Days has been working hard over this difficult time, providing online resources for schools to access for home learning and outdoor learning during lockdown.

Now we can reconvene with our location of expertise THE OUTDOORS!

We have Risk assessments ready for Covid secure field trips and systems in place to ensure your students are as safe as possible on their field trip.

To book a bespoke field trip contact Dawn now.

What are you doing to ensure you are Covid secure?
Nature Days is following all government guidelines and adjusting locations and activities so that social distancing can be maintained. Locations will be thoroughly risk assessed and additional facilities for hand washing implemented.
As the virus is more difficult to transmit outdoors all our field trips will be undertaken outdoors with maximum distance from any members of the public.
Risk assessments are in place for Covid and Nature Days will follow any additional systems individual schools are enforcing to ensure continuity.
Transport options will be discussed with schools so that this does not become a barrier.

What about hand washing outdoors?
On most sites an outdoor hand washing station will be set up so that hand washing can be undertaken effectively. Also any onsite toilet facilities will be used. The use of antibacterial gel will also be used when hand washing is not feasible.

What about sharing equipment?
Nature Days has a large amount of equipment to share out. When necessary individuals will be responsible for pieces of equipment and will not be able to share. If necessary the equipment will be cleaned thoroughly between users in soapy water or if electrical with antibacterial wipes.

We can’t use our normal transport, how are we going to get to the site?
Nature Days aims to use the same procedures as the booking schools for getting children to the site. Most are using parent’s cars and this will be the case on trip day just to a different site. Parents will then pick up from the site. If this is not possible then sites will be chosen to allow children to walk to the site from school or another drop off point.

Do you have a Covid Risk assessment?
Yes we do which we can share if staff require it. As Covid is less lightly to be transmitted outdoors measures put in place after undertaking the risk assessment are generally;
– Provision of hand washing or hand sanitiser.
– Social distancing – ensuring large areas are used for lunch and congregating.
– Disinfecting shared equipment.
– All groups will be self contained and not mix with other groups – one class/bubble only on a trip/site.

Nature days will be updating the measures in place following any change to the guidance and observing the OEAP guidance on Corona virus. Available here 


  • Regularly washing/sanitising hands including when going outside, before and after touching shared objects such as activity equipment, before eating, after using the toilet, when getting on or off transport such as a minibus, when returning inside;
    • Avoiding touching objects shared by the public – for example, a member of staff could hold a gate open to avoid everyone touching it;
    • Avoiding activities which involve touching each other (e.g. holding hands);
    • Sanitising equipment before it is used.

Is there a financial risk in booking with you?
All trips can be postponed or cancelled if issues arise.
No deposit is taken so no loss can occur to the school.