Did you hear the rain last night?
Have you ever wondered what is would be like to be a raindrop?

You challenge today is to write a story of a raindrop.

I’ll start you off.

It was a dark and stormy night and the raindrop was happily living with all its friends high up in the sky in a rain cloud. When all of a sudden a great big squeeze pushed the raindrops all together until they were so squashed the cloud burst and the poor raindrop fell down, down, down, plummeting towards the ground. Until it splashed onto the roof. It tried so hard to hold on tight to the top of the roof but the weight of its water was pulling it down the sloping roof and as hard as he tried he began to slide and slither down the roof tiles As he started to slide down the bumpy roof he wondered where would he ever end up? Then he bumped into lots more raindrops and he felt relief in being with his friends again. That didn’t last long as the gutter they had all fallen into started to send them down, again. The gutter was so slippery that they slid faster and faster and up the sides like a waterslide. All of a sudden it went pitch black and all the raindrops screamed as the ground beneath them vanished and they fell downward rushing and gurgling as they went deeper into the dark drainpipe. A tiny circle of light appeared and slowly started to get bigger and bigger until the raindrop crashed into the drain….

What happened to the raindrop next is up to you.
Will the raindrop ever get to relax in the ocean?
Will it ever find its friends again up in the clouds?

You could write the story as prose or draw a story map or story board.
Or you could write the script to a screen play or how about writing a poem.

Whatever you do I would love to hear the end of the story so post picture on Twitter #Naturedays or on facebook.

Happy adventuring and good luck.

Where does our raindrop story end?