Today we are going to do a virtual pond dip.

To take part watch the video on my Youtube channel.

Video River Dipping:

Activities to be done:
Once you have watched the film use the identification guide and ID dial to find out what the animals are called and what they eat. Then complete the river worksheet.

Count how many different mini beasts there are and group them. How could you sort them? Is there more of one type than another? Use the River health worksheet to calculate how healthy this river is.

Draw one of the mini beasts and identify the key features that make it adapted for the habitat it lives in. Use the river animals worksheet to help you.

Write a story of a day in the life of the mini beast. What do they eat? What do they hide from? What does it feel like?

Look on a map and find this river. Can you draw a map of this river or a river close to your house. Don’t forget to put a scale and a north arrow and labels.

Draw a picture of an imaginary mini beast perfectly adapted for the river habitat. A super river mini beast. Explain why it is super.

Don’t forget to post any of your work on Twitter #NatureDays