At the start of any season there is the opportunity to look for changes and think about what new things the season will show us. A great way to follow the season is by colour.

My challenge for you is to discover what colour is spring?

What you need:
A small piece of card.
Double sided sticky tape

What to do:
Place the double sided tape across the small piece of card.
Walk around your garden or a local habitat and collect small pieces of every different colour you can find growing.
Stick the colours on the tape until you have an artist pallet of colours.

You can also use the plants to create natural paints for a seasons picture.
Take some paper on a clipboard or piece of card.
Find some different coloured plants and rub them on the paper to make a picture.

Looking at your artist’s pallet and picture, what colour is spring?

Take a look at the Nature Days you tube channel for an introduction to the challenge from Dawn.

Don’t forget to Tweet your pictures on Twitter #NatureDays or on the Nature Days facebook page.

My Spring picture