This Sunday is our next GSY activity a Spring Stroll.

With the lockdown in place it is not possible for us to have our GSY activity in its usual form with us all meeting in one place.

However this should not stop us exploring the natural world or learning about what is going on outdoors.

Therefore I have adapted our Spring woodland stroll planned for this Sunday to a Virtual Spring stroll around my garden.

I will be going live on facebook this Sunday at 10am to undertake a virtual stroll around my garden to show you all the spring flowers which are growing there and the trees. I aim to go through the same learning we would have undertaken on the GSY event but we won’t be able to undertake the practical activities planned.

If you would like to attend the virtual activity you have two options:

Log into the GSY facebook page on Sunday at 10am to take part in a realtime lesson and stroll. with the opportunities to interact with me and ask question live.

Or log on to the Nature Days youtube channel to watch a recorded version of the live stroll with added information.

If you visit the Nature Days blog you can also print-off an identification guide so you can tick off plants as you see them on the film, or look for them in your own garden or on your daily exercise outside.

Please comment on facebook or youtube any questions or comments so I can see people are watching and engaging in the event.

It would be great to know there is someone watching!!

You can also find the YouTube page linked on twitter @DawnNatureDays on Sunday and on a facebook post on GSY facebook page, Nature Days facebook page and Dawn Thomas facebook page.

Please feel free to share with non-members of GSY or any families or teachers who may find it a useful resources.

I hope to see you on Sunday.
Best regards