I have a secret message for you!

Secret message

Watch my you tube video to see it. 
Do you think you can crack the code?

If you are stuck then download the decoder below.

My challenge for you today is to send some natural secret messages.

You could use my alphabet or make up your own using natural things found in your garden.

Other ways to send secret messages are using leaves and making a message using pin pricks.

Laying a trail in your garden to follow to locate the hidden message. You can see how to do this in the laying a the trail document.

You could set up clues or use your map.

Use semaphore to send messages from outside to inside through the window.

Have a go at morse code, great for doing at night!
See how imaginative you can be!.

I would love to try and crack the code to your secret message so please send photos of them to me either on Twitter @DawnNaturedays #Naturedays or post on the Nature Days facebook page or email me naturedays@reynoldston.com

Once I have cracked it I will send you a reply!