All through history simple machines have been used to reduce the force needed to move objects or get work done.

Watch my you tube video to discover more.

Simple machines include leavers, included planes – slopes, screws, pulleys, pivots – seesaws.

My challenge for you to to use simple machines to create a chain reaction machine watch this video to see one in action.

What you need:
Dominos or books or blocks

How you do it:
Try to plan the machine on paper first taking into account the environment you are using such as slopes or steps.
Collect your resources and see what machines you can make.
Try them individually before you put them all together.
Don’t forget that building requires testing and failing for your machine to work so keep trying if it doesn’t work.

I would love to see your machines so please Tweet any photos or videos #Naturedays or post on the Nature Days facebook page or email me