I hope you have been enjoying your daily walks in your local environment in this lovely weather.
My challenge for you today is to build a Local Landscape model.

Have a look at my You tube video to see how.

What you need:
A tray or box or cardboard.
Grass seed
silver foil
Plaster of Paris
Flock – fake grass made a sawdust painted
Dry moss

What to do:
Think about the area local to your house. You can use a map or your memory.
Create the shape of the landscape first using soil.
Then think about the important landscape features in the area and use stones, twigs or flour and sand to place them on your landscape.
You can use sticks for trees and silver foil for ponds.
If you are using craft material you can make the shape of your landscape using scrunched up newspaper. Paint with plaster of Paris or use pape-a-mache.
Then paint the landscape and cover with PVA glue. Before adding details with dried moss and flock or stones.

I would love to see your creations so please Tweet photos on Titter #Naturedays or post on the Nature Days facebook page or email them to me naturedays@reynoldston.com

Model Cefn Bryn
Model Mountain