I want you to put all the skills you have learnt over the last few weeks together to go an adventure!

You can do this today, this weekend for during the holidays.

Now an adventure does not have to be to a distant location or even somewhere new, so you can still do this in your local area and even your garden.

Going on an adventure is all about having an adventurous frame of mind.
As any adventurer like @SteveBackshall will tell you going on an adventure is all about planning and preparation.

So first think about where you are going to go and what you are going to do.You can visit somewhere you know very well but just take a different perspective.

Maybe bring a map of the area and see if you can follow your location as you go. You can print off sections of OS maps for free https://osmaps.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/51.58045,-4.16794,15

You could plan a route before you go and try to follow it.

You could lead an expedition with your family so you take the decisions like the route you take and what activities you do.

Next you need to pack your provisions.

Watch my You tube video to see what provision I am packing for my adventure.

Then don’t forget to check the weather to make sure you have on suitable clothes.

Lastly, very importantly think about your safety and anyone else you are taking on an adventure.

How are you going to make sure you are all safe?

Here are some ideas:

Don’t go on your own.

Take a charged phone with you incase you need it.

Take a spare layer or waterproof.

Take some spare water and food.

Take a map or means of finding out where you are if you are going somewhere new – download what3words App.

Take a small first aid kit.

Then it is time to go on your adventure!!

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, explore, play, discover and learn as you go.

When you are back home take time to enjoy the comforts of home.

Taking off your boots and stretching sore feet.

Sitting on a soft chair.Running a tap for a drink.

Having a cold drink or ice cream.

Removing layers and waterproofs.

Thinking back over what you have experienced.

Looking at photos of your adventure.

Create a journal or story map of your adventure.

I would love to experience your adventure so please share anything you create or any photos of your adventure on Twitter #Naturedays @DawnNaturedays or the Nature Days facebook page or email naturedays@reynoldston.com
Happy adventuring!