Do you know what a food chain is?

Watch my you tube video to find out.

My challenge for you is to build your own food chain.

You will need:
4 or 5 pots

What to do:
Walk around your garden and find a plant.

Place it in the first pot.
Then find a herbivore that is eating that plant and place in the second pot.
Look around and see if you can find a carnivore which would eat your herbivore, such as a beetle or centipede or ant. Place it in the third pot.
Look for evidence of a secondary consumer, such as a small bird, or a top predator such as a bird of prey, in your garden. Either place something that represents that animal, a feather, a pellet or bone, or draw a picture or write the animals name and place in the other pots.
Take a photo of your food chain.
Write underneath each pot what is inside the pot to write your food web like this.
Grass -> Snail -> Slow worm -> Peregrine falcon
Producer -> Primary -> Secondary -> Top Predator
Consumer Consumer
Plant -> Herbivore -> Carnivore -> Carnivore

Tweet a photo of your food chain #Naturedays @DawnNaturedays or post on the Nature Days facebook page or email me

Then I can create a food web from all of your food chains so we can see how all of our gardens are connected.