My challenge for you today is to find out the colour of summer.
Last season in March I posted a video on collecting the colours of spring. If you have watched the video you may have already collected the colours of spring. If not here is the colours I found.
Now see if you can make your own colour pallet for summer.

What you will need:
A piece of card
Double sided tape

How to do it:
Make sure you get permission to pick flowers in your garden.
Go around a pick a small piece of all the different coloured flowers you find and stick them to the double sided tape.
Once you have filled the card then compare it to the spring pallet.

What has changed between spring and summer?

You could also take photos of the different colours.
Or you can complete the colour hunt worksheet.

What you will need:
Colour hunt worksheet
Coloured pencils

Take coloured pencils and the worksheet out with you.
Walk around you garden and find some coloured flowers.
Try and find the same colour pencil.
Then colour one of the squares that colour.
Continue around your garden colouring one square for every flower that colour.
Next cut out all the coloured squares.
Arrange them so that all the same colours are next to each other and make a spectrum so the colours seem to blend from one to another.
Look at the range of colours you have collected.

What can you say about the range of colours in summer compared to spring?
Is there a most frequent colour, a mode colour?
Why do you think there is such a variety?
Why is colour important in summer?

I would love to see your colour charts for summer and compare them to mine and other children’s so please tweet any photos #Naturedays @DawnNaturedays or post on the Nature Days Facebook page.

Spring colours
Summer colours
Colour spectrum