Happy outdoor classroom day!
Everyday is outdoor classroom day at Nature Days so my challenge for you today is to actually build your own outdoor classroom.

Watch my You tube video for ideas.

What you will need:

How to do it:
Start by finding the best location for your outdoor classroom in your garden. Do you want it is the sun or in the shade, away from the noise of the road or out of the wind?

Then collect your resources for building the classroom. It will have to be big enough for you to sit in and if any of your family help you in your work then it will need to be big enough for them too.
You could build the structure using long sticks and string or use existing structures such as washing lines, trees or fences.

Once you have the skeleton for your classroom fill in the walls using sheets or tarpaulins. Don’t forget a roof it is going to rain but you might want a skylight so you can see the sky and birds flying past. The best thing about an outdoor classroom is to using the outdoor environment to inspire you in your work.

Once the outside of your classroom is built then think about making the inside comfy and suitable for working in. Add blankets and pillows to sit on the floor or if it is big enough you could bring in a chair or even a table.

Then you are ready to work!

Why not try and do some of your home schooling today in your outdoor classroom?

I would love to see pictures of your outdoor classrooms so Tweet them #Naturedays @DawnNaturedays or post on the Nature Days facebook page or email them to me naturedays@reynoldston.com.
Enjoy your outdoor classroom day!