My challenge for you is to build your own timeline in your garden.
Watch my you tube video to see how you can do it.

What you will need:
A list of important dates – download below or design your own.

How you do it:
Look at the dates of the various events on your list. Add some that are relevant to you, e.g. your birthday.

Go to one end of your garden.
Place an object, toy or draw a picture to show that event. e.g. Bedrock formed – place a rock.

Then look at the next date. Place a relevant toy or picture to represent that date.
Now complete the timeline for all the dates.
Try to space the objects for the datesdates out so that they are representative of the spaces between each event.

Once you have finished can you take me on a tour of your timeline? I would love to see photos of films of what you create. Please Tweet #Naturedays @DawnNaturedays
or post on the Nature Days Facebook page or email me