I do love a good adventure story.
Watch my you tube video to see me try to recreate some of my favourites in my garden.

My challenge for you is to come up with your own adventure story.

What you need:
Figures or actors – your family
Paper and pencil
Camera or phone

What to do:
First take a walk around your garden to find inspiration for an adventure story. Does any part of your garden lend itself to a good backdrop to setting the scene for a particular story? Do you have a jungle, A swamp, A savannah – grassland, Or a post apocalyptic landscape?
Now create a story board or story map to turn the landscape in your garden into the location for an adventure. Don’t forget your characters, the plot, the exciting chase scenes and the sound effects.
Next plan the filming of the adventure.
You can use family members to act out the scenes or use toy figures. It can be a stop motion capture film or just you moving the models.
You may need to put a voice over on top of the footage.

When you have finished don’t forget a title for your adventure story you can even come up with a theme tune and a movie trailer like mine!

I would love to see you adventure stories so please do share them with me on Twitter #Naturedays ‘DawnNaturedays on the Nature Days facebook page or email them to me naturedays@reynoldston.com