Outdoor learning in the Curriculum for Wales

This course can be undertaken over a series of INSETs or online and face to face ADDS sessions to cover all aspects of integrating outdoor learning into the curriculum for Wales.

Content is bespoke to your school and can cover aspects such as:

  • Starting out. How to teach a four purpose based curriculum through outdoor learning.
  • Auditing what you do now and your school grounds. – Making the best use of what you have.
  • Barriers to outdoor learning and overcoming them. – Tips and tricks to make outdoor learning easier. 
  • Integrating outdoor learning into your planning. – Embedding outdoor learning into teaching. 
  • A whole school approach – Systemic changes to embed outdoor learning into your school. Creating an outdoor learning policy. 
  • Practical ideas to teach through outdoor learning. – Science and technology AOLE. 
  • Practical ideas to teach through outdoor learning. – Maths and numeracy AOLE. 
  • Practical ideas to teach through outdoor learning. – Language, Literacy and communication AOLE. 
  • Practical ideas to teach through outdoor learning. – Humanities AOLE 
  • Practical ideas to teach through outdoor learning. – Expressive arts AOLE 
  • Practical ideas to teach through outdoor learning. – Health and Wellbeing AOLE
  • Cross curricular project ideas to teach through outdoor learning.
  • Assessment of learning and for learning in outdoor learning. 
  • Risk assessments and risk benefit analysis. 
  •  Progression and differentiation in outdoor learning. -The pedagogy of outdoor learning. 
  • School grounds developments. – How to use and develop your school grounds to support outdoor learning. 
  •  Becoming sector leading in outdoor learning. – Putting outdoor learning at the heart of your school’s curriculum.

Presented by Dawn Thomas of Nature Days, an independent field studies provider and consultant. Dawn has over 20 years experience of teacher training in outdoor learning and developed resources for outdoor learning for NRW, The National Trust, local councils, and is the Welsh field studies adviser for Geography at WJEC.

Nature Days also provides teacher training and support on using the outdoors to teach, focusing especially on the Curriculum for Wales and how it can be accessed through outdoor learning.

These sessions are suitable for school leaders in outdoor learning, class teachers _ foundation pahse and KS2, TAs and other school leaders.

The sessions will take you on a journey towards using your school grounds and local area to effectively teach the four purposes of the new curriculum for Wales. Each session builds on the last so that you will finish with an in-depth understanding of what outdoor learning is and how it can be used in your school. Each session will be supported by an in-school task to help you integrate aspects of the session into your school.

Prices are based on one day and depend on the number of staff attending and subsistence expenses, we are based in South Wales but will travel. A series of sessions is available, contact naturedays@reynoldston.com for details.

Important Information

Ability Level(s):
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Distance: 0 miles
Cost: £450
Maximum places: 40

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