Numeracy Day

Using the range of habitats in the Gower we can investigate a range of numeracy reasoning skills integrated into a number of activities.

Aspects of Numeracy which can be investigated are:
Use units of measure; length, height and distance.
Sort and classify objects using more than one criterion.
Make lists and tables based on data collection,
Select appropriate equipment. Take temperature readings using thermometers including temperature differences.
Compare daily temperatures using a thermometer,
Record data,
Create block graphs, bar graphs and line graphs,
Developing numerical reasoning,
Use the four compass points to describe directions.
Represent data using; lists, tally charts, tables, diagrams, frequency tables.
Use coordinates to specify location,
Use mean, median, mode and range to describe data.

Important Information

Ability Level(s): KS1, KS2
Relevant Subject(s): Science
Terrain: Beach and sand dunes
Distance: 0.00 miles
Cost: £200.00
Maximum places: 35

Equipment Required

Warm clothes, water proofs, walking boots, lunch and a drink.

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