Maths and Numeracy

All days are bespoke for each school which will build on previous learning and skills.

Maths and Numeracy days can take place in a range of locations around Gower.

An example of activities available are outlined below.

Themed field days:

Themes: Our World, Pirates, Sustainability,

Location: Beach, sand dunes, woodland, river, urban.

Outline of themes:


  • Using equipment to measure and collect data to answer a question and analyse and present data.

Undertake an investigation into the attributes of an environment to collect data to analyse and present. E.g. river study, microclimate study, animal and plant survey.

  • Maths Trail

Follow digital instructions or written trail to answer maths questions, use Maths eyes to generate their own trail. Trails cover a whole range of mathematical topics.

  • Geometry looking at shape in the environment.

Use geometry to measure trees, build shelter, angle hunt

  • Enterprising project. Carbon footprint.

Undertake measuring of pupils carbon footprint and find trees which will absorb their carbon. Create projects to generate income or improve biodiversity of the environment.

  • Navigation trails.

Using maps and compasses to develop skills in using co-ordinates, measuring distance and estimating.

Important Information

Ability Level(s): KS1, KS2, KS3
Relevant Subject(s):
Terrain: Beach, Sand dunes, river, woodland
Distance: 3 miles
Cost: £215
Maximum places: 35

Equipment Required

Warm clothes, watherproofs, wellies, lunch and drink.

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