INSET Undertaking your own effective field trip

Undertaking field trips to Nature Reserves, the park, beach or local woods are essential when undertaking outdoor learning in schools. To ensure the field trip is effective and to maximise learning a certain degree of planning and skill is involved.

This INSET aims to provide teachers with the necessary skills to feel confident in taking a class on a field trip without outside expect leadership.

Training will cover;
Planning – risk assessment, consent and medical forms,
In school preparation – developing skills, integration into scheme of work.
Location – choosing the correct location.
Activities – what to do on a fieldwork.
Management – Group management.
Worksheets – written work in the field.
Skills based field trips.
Post trip work – What to do in school afterwards.

The INSET can be undertaken in your school or at a location of your choice, such as a local Nature Reserve.

Important Information

Ability Level(s): Inset
Relevant Subject(s): Geography, Science
Distance: 0.00 miles
Cost: £250.00
Maximum places: 0

Equipment Required

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