INSET creating an outdoor learning curriculum.

I will demonstrate how the new National Curriculum’s Four purposes and AOLEs can be achieved through the use of outdoor learning and using the outdoor environment. But how do you translate that into classroom learning? I can provide INSET training to help integrate the outdoors into your school’s curriculum through meaningful experiences.

Located within your own school grounds the training can be undertaken during the day or through a series of twilight sessions. I will use the school’s grounds to demonstrate outdoor learning opportunities, because all schools are unique. I can include examples of lesson plans and activities which can be undertaken to develop skills across all 6 AOLEs. All training is bespoke to your school and its learners and the school’s vision.

I can cover:
Systemic changes to improve the use of outdoor learning throughout your school.
Creating a vision for outdoor learning in your school.
Auditing what the school grounds and local are are used for now.
Sharing ideas of purpose led, experienced based, outdoor learning.
An holistic look at outdoor learning and how to integrate it into planning and in-school learning.
How to use your local area for meaningful outdoor learning experiences.

Important Information

Ability Level(s): Inset
Relevant Subject(s): Biology, Geography, History, Science
Distance: 0.00 miles
Cost: £350.00
Maximum places: 30

Equipment Required

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