Hydrological change – WJEC A level G1

From start to finish the day focuses on the requirements of the G1 exam with reference to hydrological change.

The river on which the field day is based has a wide range of flood prevention measures all within a very short distance along the river which are all accessible for data collection purposes. The data sets so far have shown a positive correlation between the degree of management and discharge. The students will create a hypothesis to test, discover the limitations of field work techniques and will have practical experience of undertaking the data collection.
Prior to the visit an interactive power point presentation is provided which covers background on the site all linked to aspects of rivers which have been covered in GCSE Geography, as a reminder.
After data collection the rest of the day can be spent walking the remainder of the rivers course looking at the features found there such as Meanders, swallow holes, flood plains and ox-bow lakes.

Important Information

Ability Level(s):
Relevant Subject(s): Geography
Terrain: Woodland valley
Distance: 0.00 miles
Cost: £200.00
Maximum places: 30

Equipment Required

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