Geography GCSE field work enquiry

Gower is a perfect location to undertake the practical aspects of fieldwork enquiry of any Geography syllabus.

Fieldwork methodology:
Use of Transects. – 2020

Geographical flows – 2021

Conceptual frameworks.
Sphere of Influence – 2020

Mitigating Risk – 2021

Physical: Rivers
The characteristics of river features at Fairwood common and at the river mouth in Pennard valley.

Physical: Coasts:
The characteristics of coastal features at Fallbay/Worms head and Rhossili beach.

Physical: Ecosystems:
The characteristics of Sand dune ecosystem in the fore dunes and the grey dunes.
Main differences to investigate.

Human: Retail in urban areas:
Is Mumbles a clone town?
Looking at the concept of place using a range of qualitative methods to cover all aspects of the enquiry process.

For other exam boards.

With over 10 data collecting points a statistically significant number of sights can be surveyed; to help students acquire and embed the methods involved in data collection, and collect reliable data for analysis.
Hypothesis can vary from looking at ‘Changes in the river profile as you move from source towards the mouth,’ to ‘An investigation into the effect of flood prevention measures of river discharge’.

Oxwich NNR also provides an ideal environment for investigating a number of hypotheses on sand dune zonation and tourism. Hypothesis include, ‘The impact of tourism with distance from the car park,’ ‘The impact of different management techniques on biodiversity,’ as well as the more traditional zonation investigations.

Important Information

Ability Level(s): GCSE
Relevant Subject(s): Geography
Terrain: Commonland, woodland, River banks and beach.
Distance: 4.20 miles
Cost: £200.00
Maximum places: 30

Equipment Required

Warm clothes, watherproofs, wellies, lunch and drink.

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