Expressive arts

All days are bespoke for each school which will build on previous learning and skills.

Expressive Arts days can take place in a range of locations around Gower.

An example of activities available are outlined below.

Themed field days:

Themes: Express myself, Our World, Lights, Camera, Action, Materials, Colours, Stories, Myths and Legends.

Location: Beach, sand dunes, woodland, river.

Outline of themes:


  • Creating art out of natural materials.

Pupils engage with natural resources and manage these resources to communicate meaning through art. The artistic process is explored including planning, designing, creative thinking and evaluating.

  • Using the environment to stimulate artistic creations.

Pupils are exposed to stimuli that inspire them to explore, discover and challenge creativeideas. Pupils create original work from the stimuli in the form of pictures, sculptures, music, dance and performance.

Important Information

Ability Level(s): KS1, KS2, KS3
Relevant Subject(s):
Terrain: Beach, Woodland.
Distance: 2 miles
Cost: £215
Maximum places: 35

Equipment Required

Warm clothes, water proofs, walking boots, lunch and a drink.

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