Crymlyn Bog days

A number of days can be undertaken at Crymlyn National Nature Reserve. They include, An Introduction to Ecology, Undertaking an Investigation or the History of Crymlyn.

The days on offer:

Introduction to Ecology.
A number of habitats are visited, bog, woodland, reedbed and pond. The plants and animals found within each are studied and their adaptations to life in each habitat explored, also an introduction to food chains and food webs, adaptation, competition and predation is included.

Undertaking an investigation.
The students undertake their first investigation from stating a hypothesis and identifying the correct environment to undertake the data collection, to collecting data and analysing the results. The whole investigation is undertaken in one day with details of follow up investigations to take place back at school.

Plants and their adaptation.
An in-depth look at the plants found in the bog habitat and how they are adapted to live in these harsh conditions. An interactive activity into how trees work and succession of a pond habitat by plants.

History of Crymlyn.
A look at the industrial history of the area and it’s effect on the wildlife. This can be combined with pond dipping, ecology or sustainability with reference to the effect of the neighbouring landfill site on the wildlife on the reserve.

Important Information

Ability Level(s): KS1, KS2, KS3
Relevant Subject(s): Science
Terrain: Path and boardwalk in bog.
Distance: 2.00 miles
Cost: £200.00
Maximum places: 30

Equipment Required

Warm clothes, watherproofs, wellies, lunch and drink.

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