Celtic experience

Bring the Celts to life in your own school grounds. The students will design, plan and find the resources to build their own model of a Celtic roundhouse. Using authentic material and techniques they will weave the wattle and daub walls and create a defended water tight dwelling, painted with Celtic designs.

See if they have the skills to survive as a Celtic child through undertaking all the daily tasks such as lighting fire with flint and steel, cooking and making food, spinning wool, dying in woad, making pottery, weaving, making spears and hunting.

The students will become immersed in the history and will never forget their time as a Celt.

The whole experience can take place within your own school grounds, so no transport costs. The sessions can be split over a few weeks or, if you prefer, can be run as an intensive three consecutive day experience.

Important Information

Ability Level(s): KS2
Relevant Subject(s): History
Terrain: In your school grounds
Distance: 0.00 miles
Cost: £750.00
Maximum places: 30

Equipment Required

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