A-Level coursework days

We can advise over the phone or go out on reconnoitre trips with staff, to help with site choice, species identification and management details.

The ideal situation is three days, one a week, to give time to think, and prepare between each day. Material could be supplied to give guidance in the design of their project. They would need to understand the process of scientific investigation and the design requirements before the three days began.

Day 1: Site orientation (Oxwich is an ideal site), looking at all the possible habitats/microhabitats, identifying key species, talking through techniques and sampling methods. Homework would be their draft design.

Day 2: Discuss draft design with staff, perhaps amend. Learn to use equipment, find site and carry out pilot study.

Day 3: Data collection.

These days are available for Geography, Biology and Environmental Science.

A variety of suitable habitats are available on Gower to cover a large number of different project titles, for example;

River studies
Rocky shore zonation
Salt-marsh zonation
Woodland management techniques – Environmental Science
Water pollution studies – Environmental Science
Heathland management techniques – Environmental Science

Key stage 3 and GCSE rivers days are also available.

Important Information

Ability Level(s): Alevel
Relevant Subject(s): Geography
Terrain: Varied
Distance: 3.00 miles
Cost: £200.00
Maximum places: 30

Equipment Required

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